Monday, February 25, 2008

Health Check

When was the last time you had a complete physical? I had one last year for the first time in years. All was good but it was nice to have my mind put at ease.

I did a home test of my cholesterol this morning. The kits cost $20 at the drugstore. The tests claim to be as good as the doctor's office (97 percent accurate), require no fasting- although I did mine after waking up this morning. I'll do another one (the kit included two tests) tomorrow, see if they correlate, and then do one at the doctor's office just to see if the advertised accuracy is true for me or not... the only thing they don't do is tell you HDL/LDL ratios. I'll get that from the Doc but I think it's not that critical if your overall is really low anyway. Still, better is better.

The hardest part was popping my finger to get a blood sample. I broke both of the kit lancets (bad design I think... ;-) and ended up using my pointy river knife, old-school Rambo-fashion.

It was significantly lower than one I did 4 years ago, right after I left a job in the Pentagon. It was decent then. Before I declare victory, I'll test again and see how it goes.

Blood pressure-- my BP without coffee is excellent. If I have even one cup in the AM, my BP at the end of the day is still very high. One cup. How does it affect you???

You should check yours soon too.

So where do you find a frozen pirate??

In the arrrrrghctic!

Have a great day!



Blogger Jennifer said...

Hey, it's Jennifer Pappas Fisher here. Your long lost old friend from Cherry, MN. Oh my gosh, it is so great to see you and what all you have accomplished since leaving Northern Minnesota. I am a background investigator now on Govt. contracts with Homeland Security. I will have to send you some pictures of me and my kids. I am now living in South Texas and moving my folks down here in November. My daughter was getting a kick out of googling my old boyfriends and came across your blog. Hope you get this.

10:56 AM  

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