Friday, February 22, 2008

Is it about the bike?

Proof that cycling is as much about fashion as anything... and that riders matter FAR more than gear...

Next time you debate how much faster that new gadget or frame will really make you, consider this:

Take note of the number of people competing at a World-Class level with 'clearly' second-tier equipment.

Guess I'd better get back on my TdF-quality (circa 2000) titanium framed, carbon forked wonder rocket and turn the pedals a little harder and longer. Maybe it's me after all...

And maybe those chocolate chip cookies after lunch weren't such a great idea.

But man were they good! Raw dough. Yummmm.

Best to all... I'm getting ready for Trans-Iowa IV in April. 300+ miles on gravel roads. Should be great training for this year's 24-hour nationals in August. And the 200K in June...



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