Thursday, February 07, 2008

Freezin' For No Reason

The 2008 Arrowhead Winter Ultra has concluded and was a spectacular event as always. I managed to finish 5th overall, in 23 hours and 52 minutes, with no sleep, and learned as much as I did last year. It is among my favorite events I have ever done, and I've met some truly incredible people out there. Thanks to so many who supported me both spiritually and otherwise... especially my family, who were dealing with a sick 10-month old while I was out "Freezin' for No Reason..." Greg Pattison and I rode the second half of the course to the finish together, and I know that his camaraderie (and pump!) made a HUGE difference.

I owe a VERY special thanks to my brother, Todd, for helping me out with a new winter-specific bike this year, and for his incredible trail support out there. He logged over 400 miles on a snowmobile in two days while watching over and rescuing racers. Thanks as well to his good friend Ron for his support too! That Surly Pugsley made an incredible difference in my results. John Haines at Marinette Cycle was also amazingly helpful, as were all our local Marinette cycling friends who are like family to Navenka and me...

More to follow soon here, including a short video full of pictures from the race and my story of how it all unfolded...



Blogger Charlie Farrow said...

Don: I certainly enjoyed hanging out with you again!!! I can't help for think that you and I have a "date with destiny" in Alaska within the next five or so years...I hope you get into the Trans-Iowa. Thanks again for all your efforts. You are an inspiration to me (and I am sure to many others as well...)

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