Thursday, June 13, 2013

Almost ready!

Banff is even nicer than I remembered it. We passed through in November 1998 on our way from Hawaii to DC. Seems like another lifetime how things have changed.  Tourists from around the World here, and it seems like young Aussies have a lock on the hotel and restaurant jobs. 

Today is the final cut for gear and I will mail home the stuff I decide can live without. 

Set up my tent before my final pack organization. It's a Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1 and it weighs under 2 lbs when I leave out the bits I don't need.  The aluminum poles are half its total weight.  I have a 32 degree down bag weighing 19 oz.  Space is as big a challenge as weight. 

Very important for things to be easily found and organized. It's difficult fitting everything into my rig.  Everyone has the same challenge, even the guys going SUL- super ultra light.  

The bike seems ready and I feel ready. I'm eating lots but keeping it mostly healthy.  Another weight issue on the bike is food and water. You want enough to keep you fed and hydrated but extra weight slows you down so it's a balance. 

Have a couple unique items in my kit- vitamins with amino acids, glutamine, and these Juice Plus caps that Navenka recommended via an MD friend who is a health nut like us. They help and I feel better every day I take them. 

The other items are sports tape for ankles and joints and a tiny foam roller and tennis ball to work the junk out from the muscles and loosen up the fascia daily. They aid recovery and keep me feeling good. I can't overstate their value!  But they are hard to stow in my rig.  A big challenge is swelling ankles and legs which I'm hoping to minimize. 

Short ride again today to verify the final packup, a couple more minor errands, and an informal race gathering tonight before we start tomorrow.  Keeping it early.  There's a local guy called Crazy Larry who organizes the dinner and spends days talking with racers on camera getting their stories and bringing people together. His Mom is sick with cancer in Windsor but she told him to do this anyway.  He's a great guy-  I got a picture of his interview with Evan see if you can guess who is who?

Funny thing- is the start at 7, 8, or...?  No one seems to really know. We will find out tonight I guess.  Looks like rain the next few days but that's part of the deal and bad weather separates the men and boys...

I guess we'll see where I get sorted on that account. 

Almost time to get 'er done!


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