Monday, June 10, 2013

Tour Divide Rules and History

Here's the story on this crazy race: Tour Divide Race Website (Right click on the link then select new tab...)


Blogger Joe Nadeau said...

I was going to watch the Tour de Suisse for the next couple weeks but forget that...this is better. Good luck CAPT!

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Rick Panko said...

Joe - Instead of the "Tour de Suisse", we can call this the "Tour de SWO".

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Crazy Larry said...

Amazing Joe & Rick you have NO idea; or little meaning in your comments other than they are of your own.
This race is honoured by many; respected by those who take to the world of cycling as the "Toughest Race in the World" because it is.
Because there are NO water/feed stations; because there are no tents set up waiting for you at each stage; Because there are NO award banquets each day; Because there are NO hot showers provided let alone any showers unless you stop during a race to have one; Because the honour is so high and camaraderie so trusting it has its place amongst the hearts of true cyclist who are willing to push the limits of human powered cycling to 'their' personal maximum of efforts.
You finish either with more of a feeling of who you are; what you can do; and for some "I know what I'm doing next in life?" and for many who get the Tour Divide Race bug it "is" to come back and do better!

Many races out there can not boast of these changes in a person so profound.
Many of the races do not have the respect and honour that is your trophy at the finish.

5:44 AM  

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